A LONGBOARD is basically a long skateboard and, with its different shapes and materials, it offers a wide range of possible uses. The origin of the longboard or skateboard lies in surfing (surfing) and was developed in California, USA in the 1950s. In the 1970's polyurethane wheels came up, revolutionizing the asphalt surfing.

Usually you call a skateboard longboard if the board is longer than a standard skateboard, i.e. from a board length of approx. 90cm. Often large and soft wheels are assembled and thus offer significantly more comfort than a skateboard. The running smoothness is also increased and high speeds can be achieved.

Until today there are always new developments and improvements in this sport. From the simple wooden board with roller skates underneath, there are now special boards, trucks and wheels for cruising, slalom, surfskate, downhill, LPD etc.

With us you get the individual parts such as deck, trucks, wheels, ball bearings up to the washer separately or even your fully assembled complete board. We are happy to support you personally, either in the shop or by phone and email, to clarify your questions about longboards and to find the right item for you.