Powdersurfing? Minimalistic and pure.
Just jump on the board and draw your line without the use of bindings. Riding powder on a powdersurfer will definitely get you excited and hooked for life!!

Whether you choose to ride…easy backyard terrain or challenging big mountain lines, this art of turning in snow will surely get you excited.

Powdersurfing is a type of snowboarding that involves riding down snowy slopes without the use of bindings or any attachment to the board. Unlike traditional snowboarding, which relies on bindings to secure the rider's feet to the board, powdersurfing allows for a more freeform and fluid experience on the snow.

  1. Binding-Free Riding: Powdersurfing involves standing directly on the board without the use of bindings, providing a sense of freedom and allowing for greater mobility on the snow.

  2. Maneuverability: Powdersurfing boards are typically designed to be highly maneuverable and responsive, enabling riders to navigate through deep powder and various terrains with ease.

  3. Focus on Powder Snow: The name "Powdersurfing" emphasizes its focus on riding in deep powder snow. This style of snowboarding is particularly popular in backcountry and off-piste environments where fresh, untouched powder is abundant.

  4. Natural Features: Powdersurfers often seek out natural features in the snow, such as natural jumps, banks, and slopes. The absence of bindings allows riders to interact more directly with the terrain and perform creative tricks.

  5. Minimalist Approach: Powdersurfing is often associated with a minimalist approach to equipment. Riders typically use a specially designed powdersurfing board, which may resemble a traditional snowboard but lacks bindings.

  6. Adaptability: Powdersurfing boards are designed to be adaptable to different snow conditions, capable of handling deep powder as well as more compacted or groomed snow surfaces.

  7. Connection with Nature: Powdersurfing is often seen as a way to connect more closely with the natural environment. Riders can enjoy the untouched beauty of backcountry snow while experiencing the thrill of freestyle snowboarding.

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